A loved one has died.  What do you do? 
In Tennessee, you open up an estate.  If the person died with a will, you and your attorney take the will in front of the Probate Court of the county of residence to have it probated and an Executor appointed;  if no will, you and your attorney still appear in front of the Probate Court for the appointment of an Administrator.  Tennessee has long been regarded as a very "probate-friendly" state;  however, there are several statutory requirements and deadlines that have to be observed in both the large and small estate administrations.
Each estate is unique.  Different steps and strategies may be required depending upon the size of the estate, the number and relationship of heirs, the marital status, as well as the existence of creditors.
J. Stephen "Steve" Brown devotes a large amount of his practice to the administration of estates, whether multi-million in assets or just a couple of bank accounts.  He will sit down with you at the very beginning and thoroughly explain your rights, duties and obligations, as well as the rights of others that may be involved.  He will then keep you informed throughout the administration process, to make sure that all deadlines are observed, and that the administration is carried out efficiently and as expediently as possible.  Steve understands that this can be a fragile period in family relationships, and therefor, every effort is made to insure that the estate is administered in a  professional yet sensitive manner.
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